Hult Prize Samriddhi

26th February 2024, Kathmandu

To tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues, Samriddhi College in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur, is gearing up to host its edition of the prestigious Hult Prize on February 27th, 2024.

The Hult Prize, a globally renowned social entrepreneurship program, empowers university students worldwide to develop innovative startup ideas aimed at addressing critical societal challenges.

Hult Prize Program at Samriddhi College

Under the theme “Unlimited,” participants are tasked with devising solutions aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From combating the global water crisis to revolutionizing the fashion industry, teams are encouraged to think creatively to effect positive change.

Leading the charge is Samriddhi College, which catalyzes its students’ engagement with the Hult Prize initiative. Through a series of on-campus events including informative sessions, workshops, mentorship programs, and pre-event activities, students have been equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to formulate impactful startup ideas.

Hult Prize event Samriddhi College

As the competition reaches its pinnacle, participants will showcase their entrepreneurial prowess during the final event by pitching their innovative concepts to a panel of esteemed judges. With a million-dollar funding opportunity at stake, the stakes couldn’t be higher for these budding changemakers.

Moreover, the Hult Prize at Samriddhi College promises more than just a platform for idea pitching. Attendees can expect to engage with sponsors at promotional stalls, network with industry luminaries, and witness firsthand the power of innovative thinking in addressing global challenges.

Admission to the event is free, welcoming all individuals eager to witness the convergence of entrepreneurship and social impact. Join us at Samriddhi College on February 27th as we celebrate ingenuity, collaboration, and the potential to create lasting change on a global scale.


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