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13th July 2022, Kathmandu

The Department of Transport Management has released a notice announcing that the embossed number plate would be placed in Nepal beginning July 16, 2020.

In the first phase, embossed number plates will be affixed to cars registered in Bagmati and Gandaki Province, according to the Department of Transport Management Nepal.

Given that the government intends to replace all existing painted number plates with embossed number plates, let us learn more about it.

About Embossed Number Plate System

Embossed Number Plate is a High-Security Vehicle Number Plate based on high-security computerized technology that would help to protect vehicles from being stolen and locate them in case of accidents too. It will have a chip connected with a GPS of a vehicle.

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has requested everyone to apply for embossed number plates in Nepal in order to make the vehicles technology-friendly and to protect them from being stolen.

The embossed number plate consists of English Characters which are separated based on Vehicle Lot Code, State No. Vehicle Type and Vehicle Number.

It contains the digital signature of the authority. The plate also contains all the information about the owner and the vehicle’s status.

Let’s see the example below :

Sawari Lot CodeWhy apply for the Embossed number plate in Nepal?

The embossed number plate is a camera-readable plate with a microchip that is linked to the vehicle’s GPS. This makes it effective in terms of preserving digital vehicle records, collecting revenue on time, monitoring cars, and controlling vehicle thefts.

What are the requirements to get an embossed Number on Plate from DoTM?

  • Blue Book Page 1
  • Blue Book Page 2
  • Annual Tax Clearance Receipt
  • Online Application Form Copy
  • Copy of Citizenship/ Passport
  • Copy of Money Deposited Voucher

Steps to apply for Embossed number plate:

  • Embossed Number Plate Application SystemGo to the DOTM website i.e www.dotm.gov.np
  • On the right side, there is the important links section. Click on Embossed Number Plate Pranali. Click on 3rd option for the Online application
  • Now Click on “Get Started.”

Complete your application for a new Embossed Number Plate by following the steps now

  • Enter your Vehicle Information i.e Registration Number and Registration Date
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Once you fill up the number click on Send SMS. You will receive a code on that phone via SMS. Enter the verification code and click on continue.
  • If the code is correct it will bring up a field to enter your email address. Now, Enter your Email Address. This is optional.
  • This will bring up the application data entry screen with the Registration number and Registration date already filled in an unchangeable.
  • The first tab is for the vehicle information. You will need to fill in the information according to the bluebook.
  • Now in the next tab, there’s the place to enter Owner Information: There are two types of owners. i.e Individual and Organization. Fill out that information
  • Clicking on the “Next” button again will take you to the Submit screen where you can check the information you have entered before clicking on the “Submit” button located in the top right corner.
  • Finally, Download the Application form and submit that downloaded form to Transportation Office.
  • At this point, if you feel that the information you have provided needs correction, in which case you will need to click on the “Apply Again” button. This will cancel the current application and open the form in editable mode. Correct the information as required by editing it and submitting it by downloading and printing the application again.
  • Once done, you may click the “Exit” link on the top right to exit

Where to apply for Embossed number according to vehicle Type?

Vehicle Type Location Amount
Two-Wheelers (Motor Cycle) Gurudwara, Kathmandu Rs. 2500
Three and Four-wheelers Teku, Kathmandu Rs. 2900
Heavy Vehicles Ekantakuna, Lalitpur Rs. 3200
Government Vehicles Minbhawan, Kathmandu Rs. 3600


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