Hamro Patro Remit

13th July 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal’s most popular app In one month, the Hamro Patro app got over 100 million remittances. Hamro Patro, which offers a variety of services using the same app, only started offering remittance services seven months ago.

Only six months ago, Hamro Patro got Rs 10 million in remittances, but this month it received Rs 100 million.

Shankar Upreti, Founder / CEO of Hamro Patro Inc., appreciated the users on this occasion. “It motivates us to do more,” he says. “I appreciate all of the users’ trust.” ‘Our objective is to make it as simple as possible for Nepali users to send money to Nepal at a minimal cost.’

Similarly, an ‘Instant Transfer’ feature will be available shortly, according to Upreti. The money will be put in Nepal’s bank account or mobile app quickly after it is sent under this arrangement.


Who can avail of the services provided by Hamro Patro Remit?

Any person who wants to make a payment (in foreign currency) to an individual in the pay-out country i.e. Nepal (in pay-out currency i.e. NPR) can avail of the services of Hamro Patro Remit.

In which currencies can I remit using Hamro Patro Remit?

Currently, the service is available only from the USA and thus users can remit money using US Dollars. want to switch to Hamro Patro Remit?.

How can I upgrade from one Tier to another?

Users can upgrade their tier limits by submitting additional KYC documents and details corresponding to the respective tiers. Any tier upgrade needs to be initiated by the user. The process of handling tier upgrades is as follows: Step 1: The user must initiate a tier upgrade from their dashboard. Step 2: Once the tier upgrade request is initiated, the user will be asked to provide the necessary documents/information in their dashboard. The user is required to upload the required documents/information and submit them for verification.

How do I know about the status of my money transfer?

The user can check the status of their money transfer in their account with Hamro Patro Remit. The users also receive a system-generated email whenever there is a change in the status of their transfer.

What are the charges to send money?

The charges for remitting an amount depends on the tier and the amount being transferred and the customer can check the charges for their transaction in the system directly during the transfer process.

How can the recipient receive the funds?

The Hamro Patro Remit system is an online system and the receiver will get the money directly in their bank account.

How soon will the money be available to the Receiver?

The transaction will be received by the beneficiary within the same day or within 3-4 days of initiating the transaction.


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