ICT Frame is collecting the youth voice in different Colleges. We asked Some questions and interactions with Mr. Mahesh Malla.

Tell us about yourself?

Hello! I am Mahesh Malla ,Studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology(B.Sc.CSIT) at Texas Int’l College.

Why Choose Texas College?

I choose Texas College as it runs B.Sc.CSIT program under the Tribhuwan University Affiliation (IOST) Which is my desired field of graduation.

Can you explain the Learning and Teaching methodology of this College?

Talking about learning and teaching methodology at this college, Here I found very friendly and co-operative teachers in practical environment with multimedia
teaching system.

What is your Goal? Programmer! Designer! IT Manager! IT Entrepreneur

My ultimate goal is to become an IT Entrepreneur.

Do you read the IT Policy of Nepal?

Yes, I do in brief but never went in depth about it.

Who is your Well Known Person of IT?

Many more but Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) to call out nowadays.

Who inspired you to involve this field?

My Brothers who are the Computer Engineers inspired me to involve in this field.

The significant difference to study other IT Colleges and Texas College?

Friendly, dedicated and cooperative teachers with high vision IT management team of Texas than other colleges.

Why are Nepalese youths discouraged from staying in Nepal and encouraging to go abroad?
Because of Political instability and IT Scope not been widely established and implemented.

Have you heard about CAN Federation? Can It address the youth in ICT?

Yes, It had addressed the youth in ICT making them involved in several technological events.

Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

In my view, social media and sites are alike cvs of a person in this technological era that must be utilized wisely and securely so do I am the concern of this.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests?

I am very fond of technology and management. I do have interests in Politics. Besides games, news, group discussion & debates are my hobbies.

Do you have anything to share with your viewers through ICT FRAME?

Thanks to ICT FRAME team for letting me share my views and thanks to all readers.
I assure to all the students that the IT field is only what that makes a dream come true through innovation.