Social media has become the easiest forms of communication in the world. However, it has been found that some people use social media sites to conduct criminal activities. In a survey, it was found that around 30 incidents happen every year in Nepal due to fraud social media activities like fake id/accounts. But, due to the lack of proper technologies and equipment to identify the fraud the suspect gets released easily, and such incidents keep on repeating.

However, with the increasing fraud incidents, Nepal Police has introduced a fake social media profile detector for the first time in Nepal. So, if anybody is doing fraud social media activity with a fake id then it is time to be aware. Nepal Police have also managed a digital forensic lab for using the equipment.

The forensic kit was provided by the Central Investigation Bureau to Nepal Police where the skilled personnel tested the device and were trained. The provided equipment is based on American technology.  It makes surveillance easy from social media to email gateways. The forensic kit can also be used to scan digital items like computers, pen drives, mobile, etc to identify any clue related to the crime.

Nepal Police have hoped that this new technology will help to find those frauds in social media more efficiently. With digital investigation, they will not have to spend more time on interviewing the suspects, hence the process will become quicker. As the technology is recognized worldwide, the results of the investigations will be accepted both nationally and internationally.