Energy Hackathon 3.0 Started On 27th January At LOCUS, IOE Pulchowk

Energy Hackathon 3.0 started on Magh 13 at Pulchowk Campus

Energy Hackathon 3.0 has commenced on 13th Magh 2075 (27th January 2019) in Pulchowk Campus as one of the most anticipated pre-events for Locus-2019. The event will go on till 17th of Magh when the finale takes place to decide the winner presenting the best idea within the categories released for this year’s edition of Energy Hackathon.

A paragraph from Locus’s Website explains Energy Hackathon is to be made

“A complete platform for solving energy-related challenges with a prime motto of distribution generation, demand-side management, alternative energy, energy efficiency and aims to solve the energy problems of Nepal through collaborative efforts of students and amateur working in Energy sectors. The three things you need to participate in the event are Idea, Knowledge, and curiosity.”

There are 18 teams (consisting of 2-4 members each) that have registered to be a part of the event. Energy Hackathon provides a platform for B.E. students of Electrical and Civil Department all over Nepal to seek out the possible ways of minimizing the use of energy.

The title sponsor for Energy Hackathon 3.0 is Giz. Likewise Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) and NEA Engineering Company are the category sponsors. General Sponsors for this event include Heritage Nepal, Tanahu Suryodaya Urja, Rasuwa Gadhi Hydropower.

 Different companies and IOE, Pulchowk Campus participate in the opening ceremony of the event. The Chief guest for the event was Prof. Ram Chandra Sapkota, Dean, IOE. Jiwan Kumar Malik, AEPC/RERL, Mohammad Badrudoza, IOE, Pulchowk Campus, Narayan Pd Chaulagain, GIZ, Babu Raja Maharjan, NEC, Prakash Sapkota, AEPC, Srijana Shrestha, AEPC/RERL, Subash Ghimire, Locus, Binay Paudel, Rabi Raj Shrestha and Rupesh Dongol, NEC were present as guests. The idea pitching session started followed by the question-answer session from the guests present.

The chairperson for the opening ceremony, Thakur Paudel added:

“Energy Hackathon encourages students to convert the ideas into the field, as well as to find the economic feasibility of their ideas. It also gives views to different companies on how students can present ideas differently.”

The categories enlisted for Energy Hackathon 3.0 are:

  1. Demand Side Management
  2. Alternative Energy
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Distributed generation

The participants will need to present their ideas on the development of energy technologies based on the categories as mentioned above. Winning groups from each division will be awarded Rs.10000 cash prize along with certificates.

Only in the third edition, Energy Hackathon has proved to be an event that can bring out the ideas from the students and help them give out to the needs of the society. So, it promises to be an event resulting in life-chag ideas.


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