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15th November 2021, Kathmandu

With tireless efforts and for your service, we have brought the online platform Esahar.com to make your daily life easier and more accessible for you.

Various services such as Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Cleaning & Sanitation, Handyman services,  Booking service, Beauty service, Vehicle / Product rental, Photo-video, Computer maintenance, IT / SOFTWARE, Labor / Mistri, Operator, Events and entertainments along with more than 50 other services can be registered inside esahar or you can search and get services from expert and skilled manpower through this platform.

You can connect with us today by registering your private account. So, if you have any skills, you can List them on esahar and make a good way of earning through it. Business owners are able to list their business services as well.

Esahar.com is a completely free platform with no charge to connect to and get services from it.

Esahar is a brand new practice in the Nepali market and its main focus is to reduce the huge gap between service providers and service seekers that we have today.

The goal of this community platform is to solve the minor problems that come within our home, office, or any other site.

It’s an issue in our local community that the skilled-handed people and the business aren’t able to expose their service among the large customers (service seekers) while they are only limited to their pre-known customer circles.

Problems are always being created on one side where skilled manpower is lacking at the same time on another side. Esahar works between such service providers and service seekers as a medium platform.

If you are a service seeker, you can easily find skilled people around your home through esahar. You can post your service request as well if you have any special tasks to be performed. Interested multiple skilled people/service provider might offer their service on your post. And it’s up to you to choose the best one.

And if you are a service provider, you can offer your services on the request post by mentioning your budget and service details posted by the service seeker.  Private messaging is also available.

There are a lot more amazing features inside the esahar like

  • Multiple service listing
  • Direct communication
  • Private messaging
  • Easy search options

And you can visit this link to connect to esahar with more information Click Here This small effort from esahar today might bring a big difference in the Nepalese community tomorrow.

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