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11th November 2021, Kathmandu

A new online platform has been developed with the objective of making various tasks in daily life easier. has been started to connect both service providers and service recipients.

Various services such as electric light and running water repair, painting, sanitation, booking service, beauty service, vehicle and luggage rental, photo-video, computer repair, IT / software related work, labor/mechanic, operator, suppliers, and other 50 More services can be registered and services can be taken from experienced and skilled manpower.

The company says that it is a good platform for people to earn income on their own by making good use of their skills and abilities. Esahar is a free platform, with no charge to connect to and receive services from it.

The company has stated that it has been started with the objective of bridging the gap between the service recipients and the service providers.

It started with the goal of creating a common platform for all kinds of work, including home and office to reduce the problem of not being able to get a job even if you are skilled.

Clients can easily find skilled people around their homes through Esahar if they need any service. The service provider can create their profile by listing all the services they provide in this app.

In the same way, you can offer your service by keeping your service and cost in the work posted by the customer and direct and immediate contact can be made between the service provider and the customer in the special service of Ishar.

Launched by a team of three, the platform is currently only available in a web version.

‘We started this platform with the idea of ​​solving small tasks that are needed in our daily lives. At present, it has provided more than 50 households and other necessary services,” said Janak Tamang, a founding member of Esahar.

Entrepreneurs running their own business and anyone with some skills can also register their business and skills in this app for free, he said.

“If the service is needed, the client can contact the service provider directly by taking the information from the website, or by creating their own account and contacting online.”

He said that this service, which is currently limited to the website, will also be available in the mobile app in the coming days. “We are currently collecting feedback from the website. We are also preparing to launch a mobile app as per the need,” he said.

Along with Tamang, Sujan Thapa Magar and Nishan Rai started Esahar.

“Many people are skilled but can’t find work. We have tried to make such people a platform to work independently. We have also started this service to eliminate the hassle of having to go to different websites or search for different jobs,” he added.


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