New Ransomeware Gangs

11th November 2021, Kathmandu

Cybercriminals consistently increasing while focusing on organizations and demanding ransom.

The pandemic has given shrewd programmers future time up with creative phishing attacks and blackmail plans.

Also, ransomware, specifically, has kept on arriving at exceptional statures since the start of 2021.

According to the 2021 Cyber Threat Report from SonicWall, ransomware attacks have increased quickly, awe-inspiring the number of attacks in 2020 and the primary portion of 2021.

The report discovered that over 304.7 million ransomware attacks were reported worldwide in H1 2021, surpassing 304.6 million attacks in 2020, which is a 151% increment.

High-profile blackmail attacks on Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, medical services, energy areas, and the new Kaseya attack have seriously disturbed tasks of associations across the globe.

Remarking on the rising ransomware pattern, Bill Conner, SonicWall’s President, and CEO expressed that dangerous entertainers are exploiting the security holes in the organization frameworks and the remote workplace.

As the disturbance of a worldwide pandemic affected everything from the most significant levels of the national government down to the manner in which kindergartners figured out how to peruse, cybercriminals took advantage of the changing climate to initiate the new business ordinary they needed,” Conner said.

Key excerpts from the report:

  • The best five nations affected by ransomware attacks incorporate the U.S., the U.K., Germany, South Africa, and Brazil. Inside S., the five hardest-hit states were Florida (111.1 million), New York (26.4 million), Idaho (20.5 million), Louisiana (8.8 million), and Rhode Island (8.8 million).
  • Ransomware attacks flooded across essential business areas, including schooling (615%), medical care (594%), government elements (917%), and retail associations (264%).
  • The largest number of ransomware attacks (78.4 million) were accounted for in June 2021.
  • The best three ransomware families incorporate Ryuk, Cerber, and SamSam, representing 64% of all revealed ransomware attacks in 2021.
  • While malware attacks fell in 2021 (- 22%) subsequent to announcing 2.5 billion attacks in 2020, the crypto-jacking malware kept on rising (23%) in 2021 with 51.1 million attacks.
  • Altogether, 2.5 trillion interruptions endeavors (9% ascent), 2.1 million encoded dangers (26% ascent), and 32.2 million IoT attacks (59% ascent) were accounted for in 2021 up until this point.

“In a year driven by tension and vulnerability, cybercriminals have kept on increasing up attacks against individuals and weak organizations.

This most recent information shows that modern danger entertainers are energetically adjusting their strategies and embracing ransomware to harvest monetary benefit and sow conflict,” Conner added.

Why are ransomware attacks increasing?

Different reasons lead to the flood in ransomware attacks; nonetheless, casualties’ ability to settle up for their compromised information has been the essential explanation.

As indicated by a new study from IDC, almost 44% of the associations conceded that they will pay payment to reestablish their documents and tasks in case of a ransomware attack. The study likewise uncovered that Australia (60%) and Singapore (49%) are the top-most payoff paying nations.


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