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17th September 2023, Kathmandu

Esewa Money Transfer continues with the “Mero Digital Desh” initiative, aiming to promote digital remittance, lucky winner to get a brand-new house in Kathmandu.

Esewa Money Transfer, Nepal’s leading digital remittance company being operated under the stewardship of Nepal’s no. 1 Fintech company, F1Soft Group, is set to continue its initiative “Mero Digital Desh”. With this initiative, the company aims to promote formal remittance and make people aware of the advantages of sending money through digital channels.

Under the initiative, the ‘Win Your Dream Home’ campaign was launched through a press conference held at Square Hotel, Pulchowk. The campaign starts on 18 September 2023  and will end on 16 July 2024 for a period of 10 months. Nepalese working and residing in any country across the world can be a part of this campaign by sending remittances directly to the eSewa wallet.

Mero Digital Desh

The press conference started with the agreement signing between Esewa Money Transfer and eSewa. As per the company, each month, one lucky winner will receive twice the amount they initially sent. Additionally, four individuals will be recognized with special prizes throughout the campaign, and ultimately, one lucky winner will get a brand-new house in Kathmandu as the bumper prize.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Subash Sharma, Director of F1Soft Group, conveyed “This initiative symbolizes our appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices made by Nepalese individuals employed overseas. The ultimate aspiration for every Nepalese working abroad is to build a house in Kathmandu. And, through this campaign, we will be able to fulfill the dream of at least one person. Likewise, the partnership between Esewa Money Transfer and eSewa will also make this initiative more end-to-end digital. It would enable the users to make optimum use of esewa wallet to fulfill their regular needs, through digital payment, adding a sense of convenience and safety for families back home. Furthermore, we are aware that remittances constitute a significant portion of our national income. Through this endeavor, our aim is to fulfill the aspirations of a Nepali citizen who is working diligently to bring joy to their family and contribute to the prosperity of our entire nation.”

Mr. Daniel D. Shrestha, Group Strategy Director, F1Soft Group,

emphasized the significant contribution of Esewa Money Transfer to economic development since its inception. He highlighted eSewa wallet as the payout channel for customer eligibility for this edition of the campaign. He also shared insightful global and national remittance outlook for the country. He added that the main motive of this initiative is to keep the money sent through remittance, circulated in the digital ecosystem. He shared the examples of foreign reserves crisis seen in South Asian countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan where informal remittances had posed a great challenge. He stressed the need to consistently educate and aware the Nepali community regarding the importance of formal and digital remittance as it has multiple benefits for the economy both in the short term and long term.

Mr Jagdish Khadka, CEO of eSewa stated that, through the collaborative efforts of eSewa and Esewa Money Transfer, we are poised to establish a seamless bridge between Nepalese individuals residing abroad and their home country, Nepal. This initiative will enable individuals to transfer funds from overseas to Nepal in a matter of minutes, revolutionizing the remittance process. We firmly believe that this innovative undertaking will bring about a positive transformation in the country’s economy and elevate the quality and reliability of remittance services.

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Ajesh Koirala, CEO of Esewa Money Transfer, shared his expectation that Nepalese citizens residing across the globe will be actively participating in this endeavor. He said, “It is not only a matter of economic growth for our nation but also an opportunity to boost our foreign reserves and support the prosperity of our nation. This campaign is dedicated to all those individuals who have played a pivotal role in contributing to our national GDP.”

Legendary Nepali cine actor Mr. Rajesh Hamal is associated with Esewa Money Transfer under this campaign and will be promoting the campaign in National and International awareness events related to digital remittance. Additionally, popular actress Swastima Khadka is set to remain an essential part of numerous promotional activities as part of this initiative. Furthermore, Mr. Daya Hang Rai has also aligned himself with our cause to spearhead efforts to increase international awareness regarding digital money transfers. Likewise, Bipin Karki, brand ambassador of eSewa digital wallet will also join hands in this initiative to make it more successful.

About Esewa Money Transfer: 

Esewa Money Transfer is Nepal’s fastest-growing cross-border remittance service provider and a subsidiary of F1Soft Group, Nepal’s largest fintech conglomerate with a global footprint. The extensive payment network of Esewa Money Transfer along with direct access to 7.5 million+ eSewa mobile wallet users will provide an unparalleled reach for remitters and beneficiaries alike, where sending and receiving money is as easy as giving a few taps on a mobile phone.

The service offerings comprise more than 13,800 dedicated remit agents, 100,000+ cash pick-up enabled wallet agent locations of Esewa Money Transfer, major banks, financial institutions, and their branches.

Incorporated in the year 2019 and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank under foreign exchange regulation, Esewa Money Transfer is a part of F1Soft Group that has been empowering more than 20 million population and 1.2 million entities across the country through innovative fintech-based payment services.


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