KOA to Strengthen Cyber Bureau

December 4, 2021, Kathmandu

Establishment of Cyber Bureau with Capacity Building for Nepal Police. The Nepal Police Department signed a cyber-investigation agreement to boost the cyber-security nation by constructing a cyber-security country.

RoD inauguration ceremony for the initiative “Establishment of Cyber Bureau with Capacity Building for Nepal Police.”

Koika Nepal signed a consultation code (RoD) on “Cyber Investigation Capability Enhancement through Establishment of Cyber Safety Authority of Police Office” on December 1, 2021.

The project would invest $800 million over six years to create sophisticated buildings in a cyber-security country and give cyber-crime investigation and digital-related equipment to Nepal Police’s legal research department and related workforce.

Minister Pandey of the Ministry of Home Affairs has pledged his cooperation in successfully implementing this project, which is critical in preventing the growing cybercrime trend.

The role of the Korean government is very important, according to KOICA Nepal Office head Sung-hoon Gos, because the Korean government’s expertise and resources, as well as the police officer’s experience with cybercrime, will contribute to reducing Nepal’s cybercrime and protecting victims, so the role of the Korean government is very important, and the Koica Nepal Office will also work towards the successful promotion of the business.

Event brief

On December 1, 2021, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) signed the Record of Discussion (RoD) for the project “Establishment of Cyber Bureau with Capacity Building for Nepal Police” on behalf of the Nepalese government and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on behalf of the Republic of Korea’s government.

Mr. Tek Narayan Pandey, Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Mr. Sunghoon Ko, Country Director of KOICA Nepal, signed the RoD.

The Korean government, through KOICA, will invest USD 8 million over six years in this project. KOICA will carry out the project in close collaboration and coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Nepal Police Force.

The project’s ultimate purpose is to improve Nepal Police’s anti-cybercrime capabilities, with the major components being the construction of a state-of-the-art Cyber Bureau building, provision of cyber-crime investigation and digital forensic lab equipment, and the development of Nepal Police’s necessary human resources.

Mr. Pandey, Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, emphasized the need for a well-equipped and well-capable Cyber Bureau in combating the growing trend of cyber-crime. He also stated that he would completely participate in completing this initiative.

Mr. Ko, the Country Director of KOICA, defined the project as a cooperative, collaborative effort between the Governments of the Republic of Korea and Nepal.

He noted that this project is extremely important to the Korean government because it will help Nepal prevent cybercrime and safeguard victims by providing expertise and resources based on Korean Police Cyber Bureau experience.

He stated that KOICA and Nepal Police would work tirelessly to ensure the project’s success.


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