eventsnp Anniversary

4th June 2021, Kathmandu

Today, June 4th, EventsNP is celebrating its first anniversary. Within a year of its launch, Eventsnp has worked with 50+ event organizers and promoted events across the country. “EventsNP started with just five team members, and today we have a team of 15+ members. Within a few months, we will have promoted 100+ events and will have formed our team of 25+ members.

EventsNP is an online event registration website and also known as an events promotion website. It allows the users to search events near them and provide detailed information that can match with the user’s intention. EventsNP provides all features to find several types of events as ongoing, past events, featured events as well as past events. Founder of EventsNP Says, “We aim to be a single destination for you to get updates and organize your events, webinars, and meetup“.

It was quite difficult to work with and persuade the events organizers team about us and our roles,” says EventsNP’s CEO. Our proposal emails were frequently rejected, and we received late responses from the organizers, leaving us ill-prepared to generate buzz for that specific event. With the passage of time, we got more steady and began to receive events from our website. Organizers are now entering their events through our website, and our team will cover them as soon as possible.

New updates on our website within June. The updates are as follows:

  •  Organizers can select their templates for their event landing
    ● We will enable the ticketing system and registration through our
    ● Photo gallery set up for particular events.
    ● Multiple categories for tickets.
    ● Countdown features available.
    ● About the speaker section added.
    ● Event Schedule and timeline.
    ● Payment Integration for tickets.

It was a very difficult assignment to promote events because everything was new for us, “the strategy, concepts, staff, and leadership.” We used a variety of methods to publicize the events, including posting to various Facebook tech groups.

To generate interest, we employed email marketing and our Facebook page. Our website will be updated with new features. Organizers can now post their events on our website. We will make it possible to register for specific events through our websites. From dealing with organizers’ questions to resolving the crowd issue, the team worked on online reputation management. Building a relationship, answering inquiries, engaging with the audience, and reacting to message requests were all top priorities for the team.

EventsNP’s responsibilities and challenges in team management and day-to-day operations including interns and volunteers. As a result, everyone on the team, as well as our partners, is working hard to promote events across the country.

Service & Features

That we were providing EventsNP, an online Events Registration, and Events Search Engine website serves several awesome services & features which include,
● Online Events Registration
● Events Search Engine
● Free Events Registration
● EventsNP Chatbot on Messenger
● Events Update
● Event Hub, etc.

EventsNP helps users to get all the events updated and notifications easily. We provide a platform to program organizers to connect the public and also to promote events (program) special features through our website.

Organizers can start promoting your events with EventsNP and grab the opportunity to promote your event totally free. And also any event organizer can create the event in eventsnp through the site. So, if you want to submit your events then you can visit and submit your events easily.

Types of Event you Can visit Through EventsNP?

They have the following Categories of Events that you can Visit and Get detailed information about your favorite events.
● Webinar
● Meetings
● Online Sessions
● Educational Fair
● Skill Development
● Casual Events
● And Many More!
Apart from this, Organizers can freely submit their events throughout our site and can get live messenger chat support.


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