9th June 2019, Kathmandu

Everest Hack to Bring Tech Students, Web Designers, Entrepreneurs, Programmers, And Problem Solvers  Together. This hackathon will also serve as a networking platform for the youngster community in Nepal. Here are the Few things about Everest Hack.

What is Everest Hack?
Everest Hack is a 48 hours hackathon where students, designers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and problem solvers come together, form small teams to brainstorm ideas and to prototype innovative solutions to the challenges presented and faced by our societies through the medium of technology.

What separates Everest Hack from other similar Hackathon in Nepal?

Everest Hack is different in a way that it targets a vast audience with the involvement of international participants, partners, companies, and not just limiting to public participation. The event will follow the standard protocol of global European hackathons, and it will bring internationality to the foregrounds. Given the support of the international community, this hackathon also features attractive prizes like direct entry to global hackathons out of Nepal. The event will involve a continuous hacking period and gives the freedom to participants to use any technology stack and work with the current code, with new ideas.

Do you think Everest Hack has been able to provide a perfect platform to the idea of seeking minds of the country?

Yes, Everest Hack provides a platform for the idea of seeking minds of the nation to meet the right group of people, and companies to boost their career. We allow companies to bring their latest tools and technology used in the industry, and students get to learn these tools and techniques during workshops and tech talks. This leads to a very smooth integration of evolving technology. Not just that, after this hackathon, the teams with viable ideas as well as winning teams will be provided with necessary mentoring, coaching, and resources to convert their prototype into a startup.

How much of an impact does Everest Hack have on the development of technical students/society?

Everest Hack definitely will help in the professional growth of technical students, as they learn to use different tech stacks to build projects in a limited time frame, learning teamwork and review. This will help them fill the gap between academia and the real tech industry.

Is there anything about Everest Hack that you would like to highlight?

Everest Hack is more than just a hackathon. Besides providing a platform for students and companies to solve challenges together, Everest Hack delivers a platform to convert viable ideas into a real-world startup to serve real customers and solve real-life problems

Anything that you would like to say to the upcoming generations of Nepal to grow technically?

In every challenges and problem, there are plenty of opportunities to grow. Let’s work together to provide innovative solutions using technology. Each of you has unique abilities to make this world a better place to live. You need to trust in yourself and keep teaching yourselves.

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