Laptop Infected With 6 Of World’s Most Dangerous Viruses Sells For £1

9th June 2019, Kathmandu

A laptop with world top six types of viruses are being sold online. The hazardous virus-infected laptop was sold at $ 2 million. The viruses present on the laptops are said to have damaged property worth more than $ 100 billion worldwide.

Samsung NC 10-14 GB 10.2 Inch Laptop (2008) has been given the name of “The Persistence of Chaos”. The bidding of this dangerous laptop was done by Cyber ​​Security firm Deep Instinct. The firm said that there is a need to take adequate steps to ensure that the viruses present in that laptop do not prove to be dangerous in any way. The said laptop is not directly connected to the Internet. The reason behind it not being connected to the Internet is to prevent the viruses from being transmitted to other secondary networks. The internet facilities on the laptop were cut off before it was sold to the highest bidder.

Viruses named ‘I Love You’, ‘My Doom’, Wanna Cry’, ‘Dark Tegula’ and ‘Block Energy’  are said to be present in the laptop. According to experts, it was not possible to sell that virus filled laptop. However, it has been sold as an artwork. It has been mentioned to be auctioned for educational studies and researches only. The selling of any malware was termed illegal by the bidding management.

Some of the six viruses in the said laptop still have a lot of potentials to do huge damage. Earlier, the virus has caused huge damage. The virus called “Wanna Cry Ransomware” damaged $ 100 billion in the UK National Health Service. About two million computers in the world were affected by this. In 2015, a virus called Block Energy caused a black-out in Ukraine.


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