Hyundai Electric Car Price in Nepal

May 28, 2020, Kathmandu

The games of fuel-driven cars versus battery-driven cars have changed so much in recent years. Every car brand is coming with their A-game when it comes to electric cars. We are discussing Hyundai and its 2 powerful e-vehicles that are banging the internet with Hyundai Electric Car Price in Nepal!

Why are Nepalese so interested in Googling Hyundai Electric Cars? Let’s jump right into it!

Here’s a quick summary of Hyundai Electric Car Price in Nepal

Hyundai Vehicle Model EV Type Amount in Rupees
Hyundai IONIQ Electric Sedan Rs 55.96 Lakhs
Hyundai KONA Electric – 39kWh SUV Rs 51.96 Lakhs
Hyundai KONA Electric – 64kWh SUV Rs 65.96 Lakhs

Now, let’s breakdown the Hyundai Electric Cars Available in Nepal.

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Everything on Hyundai Electric Car Price in Nepal, Specs, Models & Overview

Hyundai IONIQ Electric


Ever thought of a car that is so good looking that you just can’t keep staring at it? And it’s electric? Well, Hyundai IONIQ Electric is the Queen of your dreams! This Electric Vehicle (EV) is all about modern, classy, silent, and comfort!

When you question the features of this beauty, don’t question what it has, question what it does not have! 6 Safety Airbags, Daytime Running Light (DRL), Active Air Flap, and electric parking brake; all that just for your safety!

Moreover, the exterior comes with 16″ alloy wheels, LED headlamps, and electrically adjustable outside mirror.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Get in the inside of IONIQ and the comfort will spoil you. Leather seats, a 7″ LED cluster, an armrest with your morning coffee holder, an 8″ floating touch screen, and the very convenient paddle shifter!

Meanwhile, are we spoiling you already? Oh, there’s more!

Who does not want a Smart Electric Sunroof with a Smart Cruise Control? This is not a dream people; this is an EV and it’s here in Nepal!


Motor Type: Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) Boot Space: 357/1417 (Min/Max)
Battery Capacity(kWh): 38.3 Battery Power(kW): 113
Range: 311 km Ground Clearance(mm): 150
Max Power(kW): 100 Minimum Turning Radius(m): 5.3
Max. Torque(Nm): 295 Gross Vehicle Weight(kg): 1970
Max. Speed(kph): 165 Kerb Weight(kg): 1527/1575 (lightest/heaviest)
Wheel: 16” Alloy Wheel Front Suspension: Macpherson Strut
Tire: 205/60R16 Rear Suspension: Torsion Beam


Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car Price in Nepal is Rs 55, 96,000.

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Hyundai KONA Electric


If you’re not a sedan type of person, and you seek adventure and sports, Hyundai’s KONA Electric will definitely impress you into knowing the Hyundai Electric Car Price in Nepal! Just wait for it. Let’s see what’s in store for you from the KONA Electric SUV.

This compact SUV is a charmer! With a boot space of 332 liters, you can cargo your luggage and what not! Also, you can fold down the rear seats with just a single touch allowing 1,114 liters of space perfect for a weekend escape!

Hyundai KONA Electric


Hyundai aced the E-SUV platform with KONA electric. Besides, with its Hill Assist Control (HAC) you will feel much more confident driving this silent beast on the roads of Nepal. In addition, with just a single full charge, you can take this SUV to a distance of 450 km. Now, no more waiting for charging in petrol stations, huh?


Type Regular Range Long Range
Motor Type: Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Battery Capacity (kWh): 39.2 64
Range 312 km 482 km
Max Power (kW) 100 150
Max Torque (Nm) 395 395
Max Speed (kph) 155 167
Front Suspension: Macpherson Strut
Rear Suspension: Multi-Link Type (2WD)
Wheel: 17” Alloy Wheel
Tire: 215/55R17
Boot Space: 332/1114 liter (Min/Max)
Battery Power (kW): 113
Ground Clearance (mm): 158
Minimum Turning Radius (m): 5.3
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg): 2020 2170


Hyundai KONA Electric Price in Nepal is Rs 51, 96,000 (39 kWh)

Hyundai KONA Electric Price in Nepal is Rs 65, 96,000 (64 kWh).

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