iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus was released just this year by Apple, and it has also started preparing for the launch of I-phone 7. With the increasing competition between smartphone, iPhone users are excited to see what comes next in I-phone 7.

Apple has been reporting that the preparation for new design and new features of iPhone 7 is going on. Designer Antonio Rosa has said what we might have in I-phone 7; however, it is just a purpose design. In the design of iPhone 7 purpose by Designer Rosa, a touch screen is replaced by a crown.

Functions like zoom in and zoom out, and scroll can be done with the help of the crown without touching the screen. Crown contains touch id and sense button that makes the user easy to use the phone.

The purpose of the digital crown will contain touch id censors and home button function. The length of the phone is going to decrease so that it will be easier to use just from one hand.

The 5.5-inch phone will have a lean body of width 6.9mm only, which is thinner than the iPhone size. If the design is accepted by Apple, iPhone 7 will be the first phone to feature a digital crown.