We have heard that we can earn money through YouTube. Although it may sound easy in fact, it is a long process, and we have to be patient. Only a couple of videos are not going to be enough.

We have to post many videos and secure a fan base, i.e., our subscribers and the number of views. We must also make sure that our content is original and does not hinder any copyright laws.

If you love passing your time with the camera and making videos, you might as well try to make money off it.


Steps to make money through YouTube

  1. Create an account: It is evident that we need to have a YouTube account. So we need to create an account/channel with a short name which will be catchy and easy to remember. We can add keywords relevant to the content.
  2. Add videos: Post short and watchable videos with contents that people would like to view — for example, funny videos, tutorials, etc. Post regularly to help build an audience. Add tags to help people find your videos better.
  3. Allow Ads: To start earning money we need to allow YouTube to place ads on our videos. To do this, we can check the ‘Monetize with ads’ box in the monetization tab or click ‘$’ sign next to the video in the video manager.
  4. Setup Google AdSense: We can set up the account in the AdSense website, and we need to be older than 18 for it. We need either PayPal or a Bank account for verification and to receive the payment.
  5. Marketing: The number of audiences determines our earning, so we must market our videos on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and Websites.
  6. YouTube Partner: We have to be a YouTube partner to get access to more tools and reward for the videos. We can become partners with YouTube through YouTube partner page.

While these are just the short steps, Some Research on it and taking examples from already established Channels can be of great help.