Facebook Cofounder Calls Out Industry For lack Of Work Life

Facebook co founder Dustin Maskovitz, the head of software firm Asana said that the industry are falling short for the potential.

Moskovitz declared that tech industry tech companies are not earning benefit but the employees feel stressed and burned out.

He also wrote that the companies are destroying their personal lives of the employee but not getting returns.

They founded that many people are performing better when they work few hours for few days.

They are working 40-50 hours per week which didn’t return any additional work which decrease rapidly and become negative.

Amazon is encouraging to do some intense work for their weeding and no any candidates can commit about their lifestyle.

He said that employers are working hard in highly performance company which help them extent the unsustainable for most of the people.

Moskovitz experience tolerate Facebook to be more successful which is given highly priorities about the his own health by eating sleeping and doing some work.

Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 which made him billionaire which net worth is about 49.3 billion.

He and Justin Rosenstein established Asana in 2008 which help the company easily team to work together and collaborate easily.

He wrote that the candidate sometimes worried about the fast move when emergency.

Moskovitz said that they are balancing the work environment which has given highly priority at Asana. The company has 140 employee which help to raise $38 million funding.

This was the best successful way when come out to the conclusion.

This is highly penetrated with young people just by entering the tech industry pursuing jobs like finance, law and medicine.

Moskovitz recall people to re-examine the work life balance. He got overwhelming response of his call which balance the tech industry.

Moskovitz said that they are planning to publish another post which outlining tip which encourage employees and manager.