The doorway to the internet, Google, is one of the major search engine. Yet, many of us have yet to know Google in its small glory. This page leads you to some of the things that we need to know about Google.

  1. Time Travel

You envy the days when google was just launched. You want to learn the way Google first adapted itself. Google has allowed people to launch themselves back to those time, making itself user-friendly. And, it is quite simple to do so, just type ‘Google in 1996’ in the search bar and observe the difference yourself.


  1. Learn the meaning of life

If you appreciate the work of literature then, some of you might already know the deep meanings of life and its purpose. But for the people who are not a literature admirer, Google is the right place for you to absorb the secret meaning of life. Point your cursor to the big-G and question it – ‘Secrets to life and everything’ and get ready to be amazed.


  1. A drum roll

You get bored sometimes, searching different topics for your project sometimes. To have a little fun, make your google browser to somersault. For all the uncountable times, Google has made your mind roll, just command Google to ‘Do a barrel roll’.


  1. Shake the browser

The full flip for someone might be a bit over the edge. So, crank it one notch low by shaking Google to its core. Google ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ into the search bar and the screen will look as if you have sat on an uneven surface.


  1. Playing with words

With Google taking the full responsibility to correct all of our spellings, the ‘did you mean: ‘ label has become our best friend, more or less. Make Google lose at comebacks by googling ‘Anagram’. Cheers, to all those times Google thought it was the Boss!


  1. Loch ness hunting

Scared of Loch ness monster? Let’s overcome this fear! Pack your bag and reload your guns! We are going Loch ness hunting. Yes, you heard it right. Search Loch ness and Google Street View allows you to swim the cursed lake to hunt the Loch Ness monster. Good luck!


  1. Tear the logo

Aye, every one of us loves a good Google Doodle. Some are horrific, some are awesome and some we just cannot forget. The playable guitar doodle created on the 96th birthday of Les Paul, not only lets you strum some chords on the logo but you can also record and share it. How awesome is that?