A “Dislike Button” on Facebook was a long-awaited request of people for many years. Now it seems as though the dream to actually ‘dislike’ something on Facebook will become a reality.

It has been a long time since we heard rumors about the ‘dislike’ button to appear on Facebook. And this long wait is coming to an end. Facebook soon will have a ‘dislike’ option button, as stated by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Q&A session.

CEO Zuckerberg said in questionnaire occurred on Tuesday that before this, “there was no provision about keeping dislike button.” He further added, “Since many years, we have suggestions to keep dislike button.”

He also said, “Today in this condition what I can say is that we are working on this and soon you all can experience its taste.”

The questionnaire event happened in Manalo Park’s Facebook head office, where the 31-year-old CEO also mentioned that unlike the ‘like’ button, the ‘unlike’ button could not be used freely. “I don’t want to make it the way it is mended for offending other’s post. This option will be given only for sad news and events.”

So, in a way, Facebook will control or limit the use of the ‘dislike’ button. Instead of being able to dislike clickbait and other posts, ‘dislike’ would instead be used as the means to express empathy on certain posts that relate sad events.

No date has been set for the reveal of the ‘dislike’ button as it still is in the working phase. However, the company does plan to start testing the button’s implementation in the future.