Apple ipad has detachable keyword optical stylus 12.9 inch screen which is built for multitasking.

Apple unveiled the ipad pro with new tablets which raised a lot of eyebrows because Apple development a stylus to go along but the tablet is very closely resemble in form factor, Microsoft surface pro 3.

They both ride the line between tablet and portable laptop. Apple has claimed its presentation that ipad pro is more powerful than PCs  which have been shipped in past two years. This is not to say that ipad pro can knock off.

The ipad pro measure by 8.68 by 0.277 includes and 1.57 pounds weigh which is heavier and bigger than the original ipad which is still surprisingly thin nearly matching the ipad Air 2 with 0.24 inch thickness. Microsoft surface pro 3 is bit bulker at 11.5 by 8 by 0.36 inch and 1.76 pounds.

The new addition to pro: there are four speaker on each side which create more surrounded sound effect for just tablet speaker. You may get an 8 MP camera on the back of ipad pro which is same as surface pro 3. The ipad’s front camera is facing only the 1.2 mega pixels with surface pro 3’s. They are making the surface better option for video chats.

Its hard to beat new Apple when it comes into display. According to Apple , it contains 5.6 million pixels which apparently fit two ipad Air 2 unit. The large screen is optimized for multitasking and

The ipad pro has new A9x chip. It has third generation 64 bit chip which is 1.8x faster than A8x in the ipad Air 2. The surface pro uses a real laptop chip with either an intel core i3 or core i5 or core i7 which is making it more powerful for enterprise task and providing full windows experience.

Microsoft surface pro 3 comes with stylus which detachable keyword cover costs $129. It will take the full advantage of ipad pro’s feature which nee to shell out $99 for new Apple pencil and $169 for smart keyword cover.

The surface pro 3comes with many configuration from 64 GB to 512  MB. The ipad pro is more expensive but both tablets are similar in price and target.