Facebook offers a range of content, information. Newsfeed and also recovers about the places in real world. Four square tips, facebook place tips offers advice and provide information about the Facebook pages, Facebook location’s from the people of your network.

There are two differences between Facebook place tips and four square tips are from the public and Facebook place tips is from your own network. Facebook place tips are more broader and varied from others. Facebook provides the screenshot of the places. Facebook place tips shown as a notification and shown on the top of the news feed.

You can also hide the tips places for particular location to review the tap, notifications.  information about the business or location will also come from that entity’s Facebook Page. This will further encourage posting and enhancement of locally oriented Facebook Pages. Brands and multi-location businesses will need to pay attention or more attention to location-based content and local Pages accordingly.

Place tips are opt-in:

You have to permit to facebook to show your location, and the position is determined by cell tower & WiFi triangulation and GPS tracer. Place tips also are outdoor spaces, momentum and attraction not only it seems in Business.

When you turned on location, your place tips are enabled and show a notification. You also have default setting and will deliver place tips but it can be quickly turned off as desired. If you turned location tips, facebook see which could help later on with the company’s effort to measure the offline impact of its ads.

 In New York, Facebook is also testing the use of beacons in selected locations. Those are Dominique Ansel Bakery, Strand Book Store, The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, Brooklyn Bowl, Pianos, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Veselka and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Facebook first wants to “get the experience right” for users. I suspect there will be an advertising or official promotional opportunity. I think this could also be valuable for offline ads tracking. Places Tips content will be coming from official Facebook Pages; business owners will be able to post content that could influence consumers in their locations.

Place tips are part of the angular movement of facebook recognizing online to offline consumer behavior. It revamped its places Directory, update Graph Search and Expand the availability of offline conversion tracking.