It’s great news for every Facebook Users to know that Facebook had released Osquery Security Tool for Windows. Osquery is an open source framework created by Facebook that allows organization to work on Malware or malicious activity on the network and is supported for both MC OS X and Linux. It also scans every single computer on an infrastructure and catalogue. Besides, it treats its infrastructure as a database, turning OS information into a format which can be queried using SQL-Like statements.

The SQL-based queries allow every developer and security teams to monitor and work on low-level functions in real-time and quickly search for malicious behavior. Not only this, functionality is very critical for administrators to conduct incident response, diagnose systems and network level problems, even help to trouble shoot the performance issues.

Since its release in Mid-2014, the open source endpoint security tool has become one of the most popular and known security projects on Github for Linux distributions like Ubuntu or CentOS and Mac OS X machines. Even more, Facebook has finally launched the Osquery developer kit for Windows to build customized solutions by security teams for their windows networks. Check link: documentation to get started with the Osquery developer kit for windows. This is very simple and you can even start coding using this documentation.