Need More Storage ? Expand With External Drives

In every PC or laptop there is the limit of hard drive storage, so you might be looking for an external hard drive to save your large documents and files. You don’t need any external hard drive if you have good internet access in your room since there are lots of online companies providing you virtual drive storage facilities.

These virtual hard drives have different features. Some have abundant storage, while some have good access to the online application. If you need more room, then you can even use it after small investment but for standard storage like 1TB file or document you don’t need to pay a single penny. Security is the most crucial part of this online storage, and you need not have to carry Pen drive with yourself wherever you go, just go to online then all the things are in your control. So here I will discuss some of the most widely used Virtual storage online for storing files and documents.

  1. Mega

This cloud storage will give you access up to 50 GB. You can easily store or keep safe your document by uploading into this drive from any Mobile Operating System IOs, Android, Blackberry and Window, etc.

  1. Google Drive

It is especially useful for Google and Gmail account holders; they can quickly get access to it using the same login account. It has just provided 15 GB of storage facilities. Whatever the things stored on it can immediately send download and upload using just a mobile phone.

  1. Dropbox

It has just provided 2GB storage online facilities to users and used it using mobile Phone, Computer, and Browser. But for the Samsung Mobile users, it provides up to 100 GB free storage facilities.

  1. One drive

At the beginning it was named as Sky drive, later it is termed as One Drive. This is the cloud storage provided by Microsoft Companies to store data up to 5 GB freely as soon as a sign in to Microsoft account.

  1. Media Fire

It provides 10GB storage services as soon as the sign in at first, but later on, it extends its facilities up to 50 GB storage if you send rifler.

  1. P Cloud

As like Media Fire, it extends its storage facilities up to 20 GB, if your friends sign in through the rifler that you had sent.