Facebook Shuts Down Three Apps: Hello, Moves And TBH

Facebook Shuts Down Three Apps: Hello, Moves and TBH

Social Media Giant Facebook is one of the most used social sites and is used by almost everyone. Facebook also recently launched other apps aiming the teenagers called TBH, it is less than one year old, and yet Facebook is already getting rid of it due to low user numbers.

TBH-To Be Honest was an app specially designed for the teens. It was an app where the teens could share a picture and get honest reviews from other users.

TBH was bought by the tech giant eight months ago after attracting millions of downloads at launch. All user data for TBH, along with fitness tracker Moves and Hello, an app which linked Facebook information with phone contracts. It will all be deleted within 90 days, the firm said.

Facebook launched Hello in 2015 for Android users in the US. It allowed the user to combine contact details on their phone with information from Facebook. Facebook said the app would shut down in a few weeks.

The Hello app is a customized phone experience. The numbers are linked with Facebook which allows the user to know who is calling without having his/her name. Users will be able to search for people and business.

In 2014, the company bought fitness app Moves, which track activities like walking and running. The app is going to be shut down by the end of July.

Facebook has a long track record of acquiring apps and later closing them, said Jack Kent, an analyst at HIS Markit.


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