Free Wi-Fi to be distributed across India very soon

Free Wi-Fi is engine of change at India railway stations

Tech Giant Google today revealed that they are working with the telecom operators to provide access to free Wi-Fi to the public in India. India has recently connected to Uber from the lite app due to the slow and unstable internet connection. But Tech Giant Google said that it is in discussions with the telecom operators for free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi namely wireless internet is not available in every place or house in India. There still are some families that are forced to not use Wi-Fi or the internet just because of its expenses. Free Wi-Fi to India will certainly solve a lot of problems if came into play.

Google had also collaborated with Railtel in 2015 to provide free Wi-Fi at over 400 railways in India. This Wi-Fi helps in delivering easier accessibility for each citizen.

Google Company has commissioned a study with Analysys Mason that states that deployment of public Wi-Fi is expected to connect Forty million new users to the internet by 2019 and translate into tangible benefits to GDP by around USD 20 billion.

GDP (Gross domestic product) is the best way to measure any countries economy. Just with the help of free Wi-Fi, the GDP of India is estimated to increase by around 20 billion.

The Tech Giant Google have plotted that the public Wi-Fi would connect 40 million new users to the internet by 2019 which would encourage people to spend on the handset.

India currently has about 36,000 commercial hotspots, compared to emerging markets like China, Indonesia, and Mexico. And the expert believes that India will also be a way for their income once people start using the Wi-Fi and switching to cellphones with Wi-Fi.

The advantage of free Wi-Fi across India is that everyone will be easily accessible, the internet will be easier to use, and more people will get indulged in the technology. In India, the internet means “Facebook” to a lot of people as they are habitat to use mobile data for that but with the help of free Wi-Fi, Indian will have better chance to explore and learn more from the internet.


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