Facebook Success Story

Name: Facebook

Founded: 2004

Founder: Mark Elient Zuckerberg

Industry: Internet

Products: Facebook Messenger

Country: United States

Website: Facebook.com

While talking about the success story then you may compare with any one side, but Facebook has achieved this all. It was founded in 2003 by an assortment of Harvard Universities students; this website has become one of the top internet business boasting over one billion members of 2012. It’s not like a social network, but a new age hot or not type of apple and this site become highly controversial.

This site critically attracted feedback due to stealing the image from schools record file. After that Zuckerberg hacked the server of Harvard’s record to take all students photography and add them to the sites, there become more than 20000 views in the first hour of operation and website become popular, and this potential shows a social connection tool which helps the website to grow into the national level and in international level.

Peter invested $500000 bought in the forms of dotcom including pioneers including Paypal and after their small funding, its turnover into several billion dollars. Facebook initially grew day by day expanding to all universities of the united states, after that allocation of united states, they allow the entire world to sign up.

Now Facebook has become one of the largest sellers of display advertising on the internet. Facebook ha separated ten of billionaires, and hundreds of millionaires and that online resource allowed millions of people to connect each other. While talking about the Facebook history its a simple for rating students attractiveness. Its controversial history of Harvard which the battles between its founder for equity, this is the fastest communication tool having the current status as one of the most popular websites on the internet. It’s remarkable and has the potential of rapid growth, real success and real change.