The ministry of public security of china states that 15000 people were arrested by cyber crime which is the part of sweeping for six months called operation clean environment.

The campaign was lunched in July and the main of campaign is to stamp out criminal gang which improves the cyber security. According to the agencies data it is investigated that there are 7400 hacking and stealing the personal data and financial information.

After that the government issued a statement which provides the detail about the investigation including cyber attack on Telecom company for stealing the personal data as spam text. This disable the fraud people and just join for fake online investment.

The internet service of china is totally controlled by the government and they have blocked foreign news and social media website including Google and Facebook.

They had lunched censorship program which is called the Google Firewall. The government is criticizing about the online post which really subscribed away. There is an effort to control the internet through Beginning and the blogger must registered with government to use their real name on the web.

US has claimed the china government for waging cyber warfare which corporate to military espionage but the china government denied their claims by recognizing itself as victims of cyber crime.

China has recently lunched a cyber security draft rule which protect government agencies from cyber attacks. It sin critical to handle this proposal for large foreign companies to operate in the country.