Facebook Suspends Data Firm With Ties To President Donald Trump

Facebook, Donald Trump, Strategic Communication Laboratories

A data analytics firm linked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign banned by Facebook.  Along with Brexit referendum voted for the complete exit of U.K from Europe. As per Facebook’s policy, the use of user data prohibited by any third party. Now the company has destroyed all those apps and destroyed the data’s relating to this issue.

The data analytics firm confirmed that the voter helped President Donald Trump for the collection of valuable information. Likewise, An anonymous Cambridge employee said that still there are hundreds of gigabytes of Facebook data exist on Cambridge’s server.  Top senator intelligence committee Democrat Mark Warner also said in a statement Saturday. “There is more evidence that the online political advertising market is essentially the wild west.”

Likewise, it also forces legislation to transparency in online political advertising. And also acclaimed that whether it is allowing the Russians to purchase that political ad or not. CNN also reported in October 2017 that the firm contacted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2016.  The conversation was regarding the emails of Mrs. Hillary Clinton kept on a private server.

To whom Facebook had Suspended

After all those events occurred, Facebook gets ahead of the Times article. With an announcement that it had suspended Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories and the next third firm, Eunoia Technologies from the social network. Facebook also mentioned that it had collected the information’s from the 270,000 users. The data of those friends of those app users got their data swept away for further privacy settings. Here people provided all their information, but Mr. Komen misled all of those which is a scam. To protect the people information is the main motto of Facebook. So if those reports came out are true then it is seriously a big issue that abuse the existing rules.

Breaks and Violates the social media policies

Facebook’s vice president and deputy general counsel, Paul Grewal said in a detailed statement that the professor of Cambridge, Aleksandr Kogan had passed all those data’s that he gained by an app on to the third-parties which include Cambridge Analytica. These breaks and violates social media policies on behalf of protecting people’s information. Grewell further said that after the discovery of this violation in 2015, Facebook continuously demanded the certifications from Mr. Komen and all the parties to whom he gave the data all those data’s now destroyed.


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