S10 to Feature 3D Sensing Camera Like iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Coming Soon, Compare Samsung Galaxy S10 with iPhone X-style 3D-sensing camera

A Samsung Galaxy S flagship is celebrating the tenth anniversary next year. According to the rumor, they are also planning a significant upgrade like what Apple did with the iPhone X last year. Rumour also suggests that Samsung is focusing on a 3D sensing camera technology to create a face recognition technology.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ bring a minute number of changes when compared to Galaxy S8 and S8+. Apple was announcing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. However, the following year, Apple launched iPhone X.

Therefore, this leads to the conclusion that Samsung might be focusing a considerable proportion of its resources and efforts to the Galaxy S10. Also, there is a rumor that upcoming flagship may not know the Galaxy S10, but something else.

The Samsung S10 will most likely release around March 2019. According to various tips, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be the first smartphone to support 5G. A recent ‘strategic relationship’ between Qualcomm and Samsung makes a complete sense to support 5G plan.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with iPhone x-style 3D-sensing camera

The only most significant criticism of Samsung Galaxy S9 is the lack of a 3D front-facing camera. According to a new report, S10 is arriving with an iPhone X-style 3D-sensing camera for Face ID and unlocking capabilities.

According to a Korean news outlet, Samsung is working with Mantis Vision to provide 3D sensing camera for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Israeli startup Mantis Vision and camera module maker Namuga are also teaming up to develop a 3D sensing camera technology for Samsung. The camera will apply to the Galaxy S10. After the release of iPhone X, the 3D camera demanded in the market.

iPhone highly features the importance of 3D camera. Its TrueDepth camera system uses about 30,000 infrared dots to map a 3D model of a face. This system helps in features like FaceID, which unlocks the iPhone using facial recognition. This feature is secure enough for mobile payments.

Apple developed accurate face scans to defeat Samsung. Samsung is one generation behind when it comes to the quick scan. Samsung is toying with facial recognition in recent years, but the technology isn’t developed enough to serve as a replacement for the fingerprint.

Features of Samsung

The sooner Samsung will feature 3D sensing camera that can match a function of iPhone X, the sooner it can close the divide. The advanced 3D camera on Samsung Galaxy S10 may also feature an augmented reality. As we see AR pop up on many devices, we may even see better hardware to support it.

Although the Israeli camera expert company Mantis Vision and Japanese module manufacturer.  Namuga is also working together with Samsung to create a ground-breaking technology. Likewise, it believed that it might not meet the deadlines. Both Samsung and Mantis Vision has its lip-sealed on the subject.


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