Facebook nowadays is continuously changing and creating new ideas and innovative ways to make social Interaction more interesting. It consistently comes up with little tweaks that may not be very visible. People using this social media frequently can also overlook these twerks and upgrades. Therefore here are some things you can do on Facebook that you may or may not have known.

I) How do you say your name? :

Firstly, we have to understand that Facebook is used worldwide and about 80-83% of the Facebook users are outside of the U.S and Canada; therefore, spelling out names can be difficult. To avoid this incident, Facebook has a phonetic pronouncer that enables you to pronounce any name. To use this twerk go to “about” section of your profile and click “details about you.” then click ” name pronunciation.” If you don’t get the desired phonetic sound, you can add your phonetic pronouncer.

II) Short term password :

If you don’t feel comfortable logging in from a different users computer because you are afraid your account might get hacked then Facebook lets you request a temporary password. You can get the password simply by texting “otp” to 32665. You’ll get an eight-character password that will work for 20 minutes which later cannot be used.

III) Keeping it to yourself:

Announcing that you are in relationships or you are getting married on Facebook can be fun but fast forward it to a few years later for some couples it just doesn’t work out. So, to not notify the 450 so friends on your Facebook you can go to your profile, click “about” section under relationships. On the left, you’ll see a gray icon that says friends or public. You can change that to “only me,” and no one will know a thing but of course if someone is stalking your profile that’s a whole another thing.IV) Picture Perfect:

A new feature that has yet to come in android devices but is already available in apple is the “magic wand” icon where you’ll find text overlays as well as stickers that you can use to amp. up your picture or experiment on it.

V) Security check:
A new feature that Facebook has added is a “security checkup” that guides people to secure their account. This feature includes not trying you if someone tries to log into your account with an unfamiliar device or browser and so on.