1.5 billion. Yes, that is the number of people Facebook helps to connect. Facebook is now more like a trend rather than a networking site but we love it, nonetheless. People all over the globe, use Facebook. Yet, did we know that Facebook helps to add pronunciation guide to your name?
Facebook regularly updates its services, always adding something new to spice it a little. Scroll through your news feed and you come upon a post from your close friend “R.I.P Grandma, you are missed always!”, tagged with Maria Gotze and 10 others.

1. Pronunciation Guide
Facebook is a source through which people connect. More over 80 different languages are used in Facebook, as 83% of its users are out of U.S and Canada. So, people spell your name in various dialects than you know.
To let others know. how to pronounce your name, Facebook helps you with a pronunciation guide. All you need to do is, go to ‘About’ section on your profile, press ‘details about you’ or ‘more about you’, if from mobile. Next, go to ‘name pronunciation’ and add the correct way to pronounce your name.

2. One-time Password
How often do you access your Facebook profile from devices other than your own? Almost daily? Sometimes? Not so sure if you want to type-in your password?
Well, don’t fret. Facebook has updated its service to provide a one-time password to help us in times like these. Just text ‘OTP’ to 32665 and you will receive a 8-digit password. This works only with-in the 20 mins and is non reusable.

3. Notification Posts
What bugs you more? The ‘Anne Frank and 4 others commented on a post’ or the ‘chat you are having with your best-friend overseas’? Obviously, the first one!
Facebook has enabled to mute these notifications. Press the globe button present on the top-right corner of your browser and click ‘X’ to individual notification box. One can change their notification setting to their comfort here.
If on mobile, go to the post, press the down-arrow and choose “turn off notification”.

4. Keeping it limited
Announcing that you got Distinction on your SLC results on Facebook might get you numerous likes, tons of ‘Congratulations’ and maybe a virtual pat or two. But in later years, what if you secured ‘bare pass’ in your HSEB results and people post on your wall inquiring about your results? In this context, would you want to let the friends circle of your Facebook know about it?
Bless Facebook! Facebook has updated its functions where you can limit the post to audiences. Just go to the post settings and change it to either ‘public’ or ‘friends’ or ‘only me’ as you want.

5. Picture Feature
Do not want to upload your everyday normal picture? Too dull? Too plain?
Spice it up a notch with Facebook picture tool which helps you add text, various Stickers or drawings as you like. This feature is now present only on i Phones but is soon to come on Android devices. To use this, upload your recent picture, press the magic wand button and choose the options as you wish.

6. Secure your profile
Who does not want to use a secure profile? Facebook has updated its ‘Security Check up’ tool which helps one to go through the checklist options. To secure their profile, Facebook send alerts messages when anybody apart from you tries to access your Facebook account.