I guess you may not know about the feature of Facebook for blind users. But it is real and true. Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to describe Photos to blind users. Facebook without Photos will be unimaginable but how the blind people know about the pic on Facebook. So this concept of Artificial Intelligence is raised and applied as well.

For this, blind and visually-impaired people use sophisticated navigation software called screen readers to make their computers usable. A software, dubbed Automatic Alternative Text, describes the contents of pictures that appear on Facebook. During this process, the software turns the contents of the screen into voice and speech, but it can’t read the message, text and pictures’ text.

However, Facebook’s Automatic Alternative Text or AAT uses object recognition technology (ORT) to decode and describe the photos that are uploaded on the social media or social network site using artificial intelligence. Now it is available on both Android and the web.

It is also said that AAT has made the software more sophisticated to identify objects and activities in the following categories:

  1. Appearance – baby, eyeglasses, smiling, beard, jewelry, shoes, and selfie
  2. Environment – outdoor, sky, grass, tree, mountain, snow, ocean, beach, water, wave, sun
  3. Food – pizza, ice cream, dessert, sushi, coffee
  4. Transport – airplane, train, bus, boat, car, motorcycle, bicycle, road
  5. Sports – tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, swimming, stadium

Hence the steps taken by the Social Media sites are worthy of being praised as concern for Blind people; however, it only works in the English language at present. Now the company still searching for opportunities to another mobile platform as well as on other words to use this technology for all type of disabled people.