NaSCoIT 2016 Kicked Off In The Capital City, Niranjan Khakurel

ICT Conference 2016 Kathmandu: a Stage for Innovative learning and teaching. Next Generation learning and teaching, Social games for conflict resolution as well as innovative multi-stakeholder ICT Scheme such selection for learning projects held in  Kathmandu. This Nascoit 2016 Conference reflects the significant trends in Opening up ICT education – learn anytime, anywhere, within a community and with an electronic device of your choice. Since 2016, the Conference has grown every year, this year bringing together nearly 40 paper presentations people from different Colleges likewise NCIT, St. Xavier, Cosmos, Kist including the private sector, innovators, civil society and so on.

8th National Students’ Conference on Information Technology & 3rd International IT Conference on Intelligent Computing has been successfully organized and hosted by Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT).
Outstanding research papers were presented in today’s event. IT Students had a wonderful experience being a part of NaSCoIT 2016 Conference which was held on Yesterday at Hotel Yak and Yeti.

In recent years, information technology has been widely discussed the subject of interest among all students and professionals. Notably, the international market is interested in the information technology professional and has high job demands. The Nascoit 2016 conference is expanded to the International level focusing on the recent development in ICT for Glocalization. Such type of conference enabled the participants to understand more about the latest trends, prospects, and directions in the field of Information Technology.