Fake NTC Rs. 50 Recharge Cards Found At Doti District

Nepal Telecom Fraud Pin Number Found

Many Nepal Telecom’s Prepaid and Postpaid mobile recharge cards have been found to contain only half the PINs. The users complained about the presence of such recharge cards at Doti.

Many recharge cards being sold at Doti have only half the PINs and don’t have the serial number as well. A serial number of a recharge card differentiates it from other cards, and the PINs are used to recharge one’s phone. But many users have been sold fake tickets and are hugely affected by this incident.

When the news of the presence of such fake cards in the market came out, Prakash Chaudhary from Nepal Telecom, Dipayal, Rajpur requested the customers to submit such cards to the telecom offices. He said, “Whatever be the reason these cards came out in the market, we will investigate, submit such cards to us.”

A local businessman, Sarwajeet Deuba said these cards have a different color than the original and have fewer PINs that aren’t covered. These cards in the being sold in the market are guessed to be fake by many locals.

Kiran Bhandari, the provider of Kiran Electronics, said that the customers are returning the cards being sold by the dealers in huge number.

NTC Recharge cards of Rs. Fifty were found to have fewer PINs without any serial number in Doti. The statistics of how many fake cards have been circulated in the market are yet to be known. Nepal Telecom, Dipayal, Rajpur said that they would investigate the number of such recharge cards in the market and find out where they came from.


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