First CAN InfoTech 2019 In Surkhet Starting From 8th March

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Federation, Surkhet Chapter is going to host CAN Info-Tech 2019 in Karnali state as well. The festival will start from Falgun 24 and is going to end at Falgun 28 at Surkhet. According to the President of CAN Federation, Surkhet, Prem Prakash Chand, the estimated cost to host the program is about 36 Lakh Rupees.

He also said that the event would be inaugurated by a robot for the first time in Karnali state. All the districts from the country will be a part of this enormous tech fest being organized by CAN Federation, Surkhet under the supervision of CAN Federation, Nepal.

According to the organizers, national level entrepreneurs will be a part of the fair and the latest technological advancements in Nepal will be the major attractions. Also, Prem Prakash Chand said that the organizers plan to make the event as qualitative, decent and grand as possible.

ICT Conference, ICT workshops and a seminar discussing the smart ideas to realize Digital Karnali will be conducted during the event dates. This fest is regarded to be a grand show for the development of new technical plans for the state.

Organizers have expected more than 1 lakh visitors during the event. CAN Info-Tech 2019, Karnali is expected to provide a platform for the sharing of information about technology, and also aims to better advertise about the products from various business personnel. CAN also hope to help the state government achieve the objectives of their Digital Karnali Campaign.

An interschool technological competition will also be conducted during the event. Tickets for the games are made available online via IME PAY. To increase student participation, students in their uniforms along with IDs will gain free entry during the event, and those with their IDs only will get 50% off on their tickets.

Presentation of latest technical advancements, 5% to 50% discount on various items, a showcase of local as well as national technical developments, smart seminar, free computer and printer repair camps, interschool technological competition, science exhibition along with free Wi-Fi zones are the major attractions for CAN Info-Tech 2019, Karnali.


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