Famous Companies That Originally Had Different Names

From Google to Yahoo: World famous companies have been named, like this!

In the world, now in the phase of fame, have you ever got amazed with the name story of keeping the name of the companies? Those companies became successful but their names are hanging in everyone’s mouth, and we feel them guttural and familiar. Every name has its meaning; many of the technology names has also got its meaning. As said that every name has reached its meaning; their name has got its meaning. World’s most famous companies are named like this, let’s know about these amazing things:

Google: Internet giant Google’s name came from ‘Googol.’ This means at the back of number 1; there is 100 zeros number.

Amazon: Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos wanted that his company’s name would start from the alphabet ‘A.’ Doing this, he thought that in the alphabetical list, company’s name would come in the first position. That’s why he kept the name of the company starts with the alphabet ‘A’ as Amazon from the name of the longest river in the world, the Amazon River. Doing this, he had a belief that the company will be famous soon and this name will be more accessible for everyone to remember.

Skype: famous video chatting site Skype’s first name was Sky peer-to-peer, later it became Skyper and finally removing ‘R’ alphabet it was named as “Skype.”

Yahoo: Yahoo is the abbreviated form of Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Likewise, the meaning of Yahoo is very dirty, sounder producer and frictional species.

Sony: Sony Company’s name came from Sonus. Its meaning in the Latin language is a voice. Likewise, in 1950, Japan’s great Sonny Boy’s definition can also be linked. Sonny Boy’s description was smart, visible youth at that time.

Blackberry: The name of Blackberry Company was named after its smartphone’s keypad. Smartphone’s keyboard used to look like Blackberry Fruit’s cover, so in 1999, the company’s name was kept as Blackberry.

Oracle: American Spy Organization’s CEO’s project sometime before oracle’s directors Lyari Ellison and Bob Oats used to work together. In that project, this word ‘oracle’ was used as a code word and with that name they started Oracle Company. Oracle’s meaning is that type of database which can answer any questions’.

Canon: At starting, Canon’s name was Kwanon, whose meaning is God of Buddhism. In 1935, it was named as Canon from Kwanon, so that all people from the world of a different religion would love this name and will be easier for pronounce as well.

Spotify: Director Daniel was thing what name should be given to one and Martin Lawrence Company. At that time, one name came as Spottily. To this name, later they gave meaning to this name as Spot and Identify, jointly Spottily.