Famous People Who Shaped ICT Nepal

On the occasion of Dashain honoring program for great personalities by ICT frame Digital Magazine has been successfully finished.

Keeping the occasion of Dashain Greeting and thanksgiving, ICT Frame online media has honored ICT sectors’ elder personalities. The event which was held on Friday in Kantipur City College, 1 dozen elder personalities has been honored.

The great personalities who had been honored are Anand Raj Khanal, Baburam Aryal, Vesh raj Poudyal, Biplav Man Singh, Birendra Kumar Mishra, C.N. Upadhyaya, Kriti Bhuju, Manohar Kumar Bhattarai, Narayan Neupane, Rajan Raj Panta and Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya.

In this context, country’s overall ICT sector’s working organizations has been presented with token of love. The names of those organizations are ICT Association Nepal, Information Technology Conservation Emergency Team Nepal, Information Technology Society Nepal, Community Information and Research Center Nepal, CSIT Association of Nepal, Technology Journalism Nepal, ICT, Online Journalist Association, IT Federation Nepal, Internet Society Nepal Chapter, The British College, CNC Pvt. Ltd., Nepflights.com, Social Aves, Narayani National Finance, Kantipur City College.

Through press release ICTFrame’s Director Chiranjibi Adhikari has said that they were awarded and presented token of love for remarkable contribution in Information Technology sector and their continuous work in ICT sector. In that event, two Science Technology and Environment Ministers were present namely Ganesh Shah and Kalpana Dhamala.

Honorable Chief Guest, other guests, elder personalities who have contributed a very long time in the field information communication and technology, national information communication technology club and other people engaged in this field. Everyone including the personalities who are engaged in information communication technology, journalists, friends and all the people who came here to make this event successful and came here accepting our invitation, first of all , The team of ICT FRAME Digital Magazine heartily would like show our gratitude as well as We welcome you all in this respected programmed.

We wish you all good health, happiness, bonanza and increasing progress ongoing and nearly coming 2072’s great festivals Dashain, Deepawali, Nepal Sambat, Chhat, Id, Lhosar like other including festivals as well. I including my national ICT club members would like to thank and present our gratitude to all the personalities present here in this “Thanksgiving” event despite of the uncomfortable situations that our country is facing and all those sad circumstances that we have faced this year.

In the occasion of various national festivals, we, working in ICT sector, organizations and associations have held this event for thanksgiving and impart various types of technology tools, though being in touch through the medium of social networking, today we are here with the aim of meeting and honoring all those personalities who has contributed a very long time in ICT sector and for this specific occasion I have called every one of you here. Today, I am very glad to tell you all that with the help, tips and advice of every one of you, satyagyan.com/demo/ has become successful as Nepal’s number one Information Communication Technology (ICT) news portal.

Today including greeting and thanksgiving event, we from the side of satyagyan.com/demo/, we feel very lucky and cheerful that we got to honor all those great personalities who are reached from our site, who have contributed a lot in this sector.


Today, We are honoring all the following personalities:

  1. Ananda Raj Khanal, for matchless contribution in tele-communication sector.
  2. Baburam Aryal, for matchless contribution in ICT Law.
  3. Vesh Raj Poudyal, for contributing in ICT Hardware sector.
  4. Biplav Man Singh, for contributing in ICT private and business sector.
  5. Birendra Kumar Mishra, for contributing in ICT governmental sector.
  6. C.N. Upadhyaya, for matchless contribution in the synonym of ICT i.e. CAN Infotech by establishing it from 1 to 13.
  7. Kriti Bhuju, for contributing in ICT sector through the medium of journalism.
  8. Manohar Kumar Bhattarai, for contributing by making policies of ICT sector.
  9. Narayan Neupane, for contributing by being youth motivation in the sector of ICT.
  10. Rajan Raj Pant, for contributing in the security sector of ICT.
  11. Dr. Subarna Shakya, for matchless contribution in the study of ICT.

We would like to congratulate all those great personalities who got honored and we hope that such contributions in ICT sector will be present in future as well. All of your presence is very much important for developing our country Nepal in the ICT sector.