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21 Jan 2021, Kathmandu

For the first time in Nepal, the first open-source scheme under NIC Asia Bank Mutual Fund, which operates with the main objective of investing in fixed income instruments, has made the units of NIC Asia Dynamic Dept. Fund available online.

The company said that in the event of a second wave of coronavirus infections spreading across the country and an injunction was issued to prevent the infection, the unit of the scheme could be purchased online by investors.

To purchase a unit of the said Dept Fund Scheme online, one can purchase the unit of the scheme by going to the website of NIC Asia Capital or directly by clicking on

Currently, payment for unit purchases can be made through NIC Asia Bank Limited’s online service, Connect IPS and Wallet Digital Wallet.

Excerpt from an interview with  Ramendra Rayamajhi, Chief Executive Officer of NIC Asia Capital he said, “The name of our scheme is Dynamic Dept. Fund. This means a plan of a dynamic nature. Who makes investment decisions over time. Since more than 75% of the proceeds from the unit sales of this scheme will be invested in fixed income instruments, the return on investment in this scheme is guaranteed.”


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