Mobile Service In Dolpa

21 May 2021, Kathmandu

The Mudkechula village under the lower Dolpa has brought three mobile towers into operation at the same time. The village municipality, which has been suffering from the inconvenience of communication service for a long time, has brought into operation three Namaste mobile phone service towers with ‘2G’ internet service at the same time.

Datta Bahadur Shahi, chairman of the village municipality, informed that three mobile towers of Namaste service have come into operation at a cost of Rs 4.2 million in Mudkechula, which has been facing problems of phone service since the past due to geographical difficulties.

According to the chairman, Datta Bahadur Shahi.”The equipment required for the construction of the tower has been provided by Nepal Telecom, the village municipality has spent all the money for transportation and connection to the construction site.”

Along with the construction of the tower, all the nine wards of the village have been connected to the communication service and in some areas of Jajarkot and Rukum, the phone has been working well, said Chairman Shahi. Towers have been erected at Okt, Pyari Lake, and Pati Halna within the village municipality.

Phone service from home:

The locals are happy with the construction of the tower by the village municipality. Om Bahadur Rokay, a local of Ward No. 1, said that he was very happy to be able to talk at home and abroad. “In the past, people had to climb trees, rocks, and trees to make phone calls. People had to rush to exchange news. Now, they can stay at home and talk to their distant relatives,” Rokay said.

Rokaya says that even though it was like living in the old era when there was no reliable phone service before, now all the common people of the village have got the facility. On the special initiative of Karnali MP Bir Bahadur Shahi, six mobile towers were approved in Jagadulla, Mudkechula, and Tripura Sundari municipalities three years ago.

MP Shahi said that a team including local people’s representatives who reached Kathmandu three years ago had approved six towers from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to build two towers at a local level. “Mudkechula has already built 70 percent of the tower construction work in Jagadulla. Both the towers have fallen into disrepair in Nepalgunj due to lack of interest from the locals in Tripura Sundari,” said Shahi.

He also said that he has assisted in getting the towers approved in Saldang, She-Foksundo, and other areas under She-Foksundo village in Upper Dolpa. After receiving basic services like the telephone, the locals are happy to be connected to information and communication technology.


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