Features That Windows 10 Has Copied From Linux

Microsoft is going to release its new operating system called the “Windows 10”. This new system comes with promises of some exciting new features that the previous version Window 8.1 did not have. However, these new promised features are not so new as announced since they are already in implementation in the Linux Operating Systems.

Here are 6 Windows 10 features inspired from Linux.

1.Multiple desktops aka workspaces

One of the new elements in Windows 10 is the introduction of various virtual desktops. In Linux, these virtual desktops are known as workspaces.

  1. Task view aka Window spread

Windows 10 has a feature called ‘task view.’ Clicking on the task view button allows the user to view an array of currently running apps.

Both Unity and GNOME have this feature. Pressing the super key (Windows key) lays out all the running applications in GNOME 3.

  1. Desktop plus online search

Just like the Unity Dash of Ubuntu, Windows is introducing an improved search bar that will allow the user to locate any file on the machine, installed application or an application available on the Windows Store.

  1. Borderless windows and flat icons

To achieve a cleaner look Windows 10 will have borderless and flat icons.

  1. The convergence of mobile and desktop OS

Yes, for a better convergence both the mobile and desktop platform will run on the same Windows 10 OS.

  1. Windows 10 has a package manager

Windows will have its own package manager that can be installed via Command Line in Power Shell.