11th May 2019, Kathmandu

The generation has made a drastic change in the online environment today. You watch online, you buy online, and you surf online; how easy everything around you has become. Whatever that used to be on paper, magazines, and television, you can just grab it online because of the flexibility the internet has brought to our lives. Yes, it is what that counts on the market today… ‘flexibility.’ So, before you step up for any business or promotions, it is very important to get a picture of what the market wants from you in present context. Thus, market research and analysis must be set as a priority before you hop into any decision making.

As we’ve got a distinct vision on how important it is to be online today, let us have thought about how can we go online with the most precise and accurate lead. This is where the idea of Facebook Advertisement evolves as there is no doubt that this particular zone has already been able to engage more than a billion users, out of which 1,890,820 are from Nepal. One thing is very straight from this point; you will be able to get a significant number of audiences who can hear you out in the market through FACEBOOK ADs.

Apart from a handful of customers you can reach and display your ads to, there are some other very genuine facts that will not make you regret your decisions. Facebook Ads are already favorite as every business is humming to get online attention. Websites, blogs are already there in the market, and people are seeking some different tastes. Facebook Ad is the right platform to seize when the market is expecting from you. So, what would make FB Ads so different and unique than any other advertising medium? Well, the answer is due to the flexibility it beholds. With Facebook Ads, you can

  • Create different ads: You can create different ads according to your choice and how your audiences could grasp your name and recommend it to others in the online market.
  • Target your audiences at maximum: You can directly target a mass as you have some spectators watching your ads. It can go specific as you can set age-group limits, interests, and categories, and even the targeted countries. This is the whole new specialties through which your advertisement will be able to get the best it deserves.
  • Popularize your brand: You are out in the market; therefore you gain your popularity as almost all Facebook, users would come in attention that you are highlighted in the market today.
  • Know your competitors: Once you advertise, you will be cautious about who your competitors are and what moves and offers should you bring in to beat them.
  • Engage your audiences: This is what other advertisement lacks, through your regular posts and offers you can engage your audiences with you. Also, you can get track of new likes and new visitors and your reach with the current advertisement.
  • Get influenced by viral marketing: Social media are the place for viral marketing, and you gain your result very soon through this particular advertisement idea. With some likes and share you could merely reach your target very soon.
  • FB Ads Report: With the generation of Ads report, it summarizes all your current activities and creates a statement that could give you a track on how you are going in the advertisement, also, your total spending.

With all these elements that Facebook has poured in its advertisement, your business could get an all-new direction and a late lead.

Do not miss your chance to be highlighted in the online community with Facebook Adverts. We could serve you with your exact business requirements and promotions.