Sadikshya Khanal
Sadikshya Khanal

Nepal, April 2, 2020

Tracing just a couple of months back with its exponential growth the COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic. As we all have been facing this rapidly evolving situation it is essential for us to stay informed through the latest news and updates from reliable sources around the virus and its effect on our socio-economic conditions, families apart of its major impact on our health and ultimately lives. As the pandemic continues it will be having both the short term and long term implications for our health, families, neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

With the continuous spread of the virus, we shall and have already started facing multiple new stresses including physical & psychological health risks, nation wise lockdowns, schools & business closures, family confinements, isolation, job losses, and economic vulnerability. In a situation like this, families especially those with low-income households are on a hit and need extra support. Further, a high-stress home environment may lead to domestic violence and degrade the condition more.

Virus-infected on its way to reaching a million now…, More than 47K deaths…, Migrant workers walking miles and plunging in to cross rivers to reach their home…, Hundreds of people stuck at borders…, Fear of health workers/doctors themselves, Tensions of family members and patients…, Situations out of control in various countries….-bombarded information like this through media, social media and friend circle are further creating a nuisance and increasing the alarm of anxiety in people to deteriorate their mental health.

The pandemic would be over soon as fast as it has spread, however, the fallout from the pandemic like the losses of job, prolonged stress and a deterioration of mental health are the things which shall be felt by the families for years to come. Hence, we need to be prepared for this as well.

With the increasing fear please do the needful as you would find it easy like you can do-reassure yourself and your families in a way appropriate through acknowledging the fear, discuss the overall risk of the virus, outline the steps to keep yourself and your family safe during the pandemic, strictly follow the required safety measures, engage in activities that make you feel empowered, help each other, find credible sources information and never panic. Further, every government needs to strengthen social protection measures. It needs to support employers to continue providing jobs and income and guarantee financial support to all who have and shall lose their jobs. Policies and practices must be followed to enable workers to protect and care for themselves and their families and enhance their productivity and sense of security.

Hence, let’s come together and work out together. Please do your part with no stones unturned and we shall overcome COVID-19 virus both physically and mentally.


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