Ncell Slashes Internet Price By 25 Percent PAYG Rate To Be As low As 80 Percent

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Ncell Private Limited, in line with the decision of the government, reduced the rate of its pay as you go (PAYG) internet rate by 25% on Thursday (April 02). With this, all Ncell customers can now avail internet connectivity at a more affordable rate during the lockdown period.

The company has a slashed rate of its PAYG internet from the standard rate of Rs 2 (excluding taxes) per MB to Rs 1.5 per MB. This rate will remain effective during the period of lockdown.

In a bid to ensure access to the internet at the cheaper price under the PAGY, Ncell has already been providing a data bonus scheme under which the cost of internet drops upto 80% than the usual rate.  Under this scheme, the more customers spend the main balance on data, the service gets cheaper.

After the implementation of the 25% discount on the PAYG rate, customers using the internet can enjoy discounts of up to 80% under the new PAYG model. When customers use the internet from the main balance, they get bonus data on a real-time basis at a specific threshold based on the amount spent from the main balance.

Customers will get bonus data immediately when they spend Rs 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or more on every additional Rs 10. After initial spending of Rs 10 in data under PAYG, customers for every additional Rs 10 spent on data will receive a 20 MB bonus.

If customers spend Rs 2 for 1.04 MB data, they now get an additional 2 MB as a bonus. Those who spend Rs 30 for using data, will get a total of nearly 73 MB which includes 57 MB as a bonus. Similarly, if customers consume Rs 100 while using data, they get 197MB as a bonus and 52.2MB from main balance so in total they will get nearly 250MB.

In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ncell has also been providing multiple consumer-friendly offers to its customers to address the need for communications services to stay connected during this crisis. The offers include increment in saapati amount, free balance transfer service, 120% bonus balance on recharge and stay-home pack of 15 GB.



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