Janardan Sharma

1st September 2022, Kathmandu

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has instructed the insurance committee to make insurance accessible to remote areas.

Inaugurating the provincial office of the Insurance Committee in Surkhet on Thursday, he directed to expand the service as most of the citizens of Karnali are out of reach of insurance.

Finance Minister Sharma said that since the office has been opened to extend the powers of insurance committees to provinces, insurance services should not be limited to cities and markets and should reach villages.

He said that since the insurance service is connected with the overall economic activities, it should reach the villages with a reliable environment.

“Getting insurance services to villages is a dimension of federalism, it is necessary to reach people in rural areas with financial and insurance literacy programs,” Finance Minister Sharma said. Let’s make and train.’

Stating that the Insurance Committee should solve the problems of the overall regulation of the insurance business, protection of the insured, insurance literacy, insurance, and the insured, Finance Minister Sharma informed that the government is preparing to establish an insurance college due to the lack of skilled manpower in this sector where more than 12,000 people are getting direct employment.

In the opening program, the Minister of Lands, Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives of the State Government, Chandra Bahadur Shahi, expressed his belief that the farmers of Karnali will benefit from the establishment of the State Office of the Insurance Committee.


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