Management Information System in Operation

17th July 2021, Kathmandu

Insurance Committee’s New Server and Insurance Regulatory Management Information System in Operation.

The Insurance Committee’s new server and new software have come into operation.

Chairman of the Insurance Committee Surya Prasad Silwal inaugurated the new server and Insurance Regulatory Management Information System (IRMIS) software during a program on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Silwal said that change should be possible with the changing times.

They have come to this stage by embracing their belief that the interface should be deployed using technology.

 They have to adopt many technologies that have come into the world.

Rajuraman Poudel, executive director of the committee, said that the company has brought new software and new servers in an effort to provide accurate details as the company have to ask for details time and time again.

As it is difficult to provide important data to the committee from the insurers, the information regulatory management information system related to the institutional and insurance business of the committee is further managed by using information technology to manage the data of overall insurance business and to complete the work quickly and expeditiously.

 The committee has stated that the server and software have been connected.

Companies will now be able to submit their financial statements and other reports to the committee on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis as per the details through online software instead of paperwork.

It will get details related to law, complaint, regulation, policy analysis, enforcement, claims and asset laundering, insurance, and insurance, underwriting, financial audit, information technology.

Similarly, details related to on-site supervision, non-on-site supervision, agriculture and micro-insurance, reinsurance, license, insurance agent and surveyor, management information system can also be submitted online.

The new software has been installed to manage the internal data of the committee and to manage the various types of data received from the insurers.

Through this software, the work of the committee will be easier and the data and information received from the insurers will be easier to manage.

The new Software Insurance Regulatory Management Information System (IRMIS) has been connected to the Insurance Committee with the objective of making the entire insurance sector technology-friendly and doing all the work in the insurance sector through the online system.

The software manufacturing company Darshan Tech handed over the software.

 According to the committee, each insurance company has been given a separate user and ID.

The committee has also informed that the insurance companies have started the work through software. The committee has stated that the companies will send their monthly reports through the same software from Shrawan 15.


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