Fine Of 170 Million Demanded In Call Bypass Case

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A complaint has been filed in Chitwan District Court, with the demand of great worth 170 million for bypassing the call.   The police have apprehended three Nepali people who were collaborating with two Bangladeshi regarding bypass the call.

The arrestee has been identified as Bijay Gurung, 32 and Minprasad Rijal, 29, of Rupandehi, Tilotama Municipality. Similarly, another arrestee is Sunil Adhikari, 16 of Chitawan, Bharatpur Metropolitan. They were running the business of call bypassing in a rented room situated at Bharatpur- 10 Rijal Chowk.

Anyone found guilty of illegal call bypassing are fined or jailed up to five years under the Telecommunications Act, 1997, said Gahendra Raj Panta, Secretariat at Chitwan District Court.

Search Security states “Bypass, in general, means either to go around something by an external route rather than going through it, or the means of accomplishing that feat. In network security, a bypass is a flaw in a security system that allows an attacker to circumvent security mechanisms to get a system or network access. The actual point of entry is through a tool (either a hardware device or program, even just a piece of code) that enables the user to access the system without going through the security clearance procedures (such as authentication) that were set up by the system administrator.

A bypass may be a mechanism put in place by an attacker, a flaw in the design, or an alternate access route left in place by developers. A bypass that is purposefully put in place as a means of access for authorized users is called a back door or a trap door. A crypto bypass is a flaw that allows data to circumvent the encryption process and escape, unencrypted, as plaintext”.

As per the news published on The Kathmandu Post, last year till August the Central Investigation Bureau has so far arrested 141 people, including 31 foreigners, on the charge of bypassing calls and seized Rs 11.68 billion from them.


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