Fitbit unveils new tracker for kids, new smartwatch for adults

The Fitbit is an American company located in San Francisco, California. Likewise, Fitbit has now added a new smartwatch to its wearable lines. And it cost the US $199.95. This new smartwatch is called Fitbit Versa. It will reach global retail outlets next month as reports suggested. This wearable smartwatch will be the lightest metal smartwatch In the US market.

This wearable smartphone looks smaller than the previous Iconic smartphone. Likewise, the smartphone comes at a lower price point than the ionic whose cost is $300.  Fitbit Versa includes a new dashboard that clears or simplifies the way health. And fitness data is accessed on the device.

Fitbit Versa nixes health and fitness programs such as heart rate tracking, workouts, and automatic sleep stage tracking. Smart features like quick replies on Android and on-device music added. Its operating system is Fitbits proprietary OS 2.0. Same as the smartphone can connect to an android phone via an app. It has a waterproof feature. Fitbit Versa will require a nearby smartphone to map runs for GPS.

Fitbit Versa and its models

There are two different versions of the Fitbit Versa. The core of the Fitbit Versa includes the black, peach or grey models. Likewise, the Special edition models are also available in lavender or charcoal. Furthermore, it consists of the Fitbit Pay wireless payment platform.

These smart watches are available-order reorder starting March 13 and will begin shipping to customers in April. Core Fitbit Versa will cost $199; however particular edition models will cost $299. With the Fitbits new smartwatch, it is also launching an attractive complementary Bluetooth headset to help people enjoy music.

In addition to the new hardware, Fitbit is announcing an update to the operatic system on its ionic as well as for the vice-versa watches. Fitbit OS 2.0 will add the ability to reply to message notifications directly from the clock. It is still working on bringing notification replies to IOS. It is exploring options such as linking the Fitbit app directly to Gmail account and using it for sending responses.

Fitbit is planning to begin proactively alert the users with personalized recommendations. Fitbit in 2018 is focusing on women’s health. Individually, Fitbit will add tools to the app to help women track their menstrual cycle and overall health. It will monitor additional aspects of a woman’s reproductive health.

Fitbit Versa introduction appears to be a good move especially given the flat response but the market to its Ionic smartwatch last year. It seems to offer much better than the Fitbit Ionic. It will likely help the company to enter further into the smartwatch market. Fitbit Company is staying faithful to its DNA by focusing on health and fitness.


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