Foodmandu’s Year

10th November 2023, Kathmandu

Foodmandu, Nepal’s first and most popular food delivery company has reached the mark of 13 glorious years of providing its services (Foodmandu’s 13th Year).

Its popularity has become increasingly apparent throughout the years. Now, it has become a top choice for anyone who likes having food delivered to their doorstep.

Manohar Adhikari, the Founder and MD of Foodmandu, said,

“We started with a simple idea and a vision to make food delivery convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

Today, we are deeply touched by our users’ support and our partners’ dedication. We look forward to many more years of serving deliciousness to the people of Nepal. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey.”

Shyam Ratna Mali, Foodmandu’s Head of Brand and Marketing added,

“As a gesture of thanks towards our partners and customers, we are introducing the “Teen Year Magic” offer, as Foodmandu has now stepped into the first years of its teens, a milestone all of us love celebrating. We have various offers including discounts of up to 51% on Combo Meal, Buy 1 Get Free offers, and up to 25% flat discounts on selected restaurants.

Along with that, we are also giving an additional 13% discount with the Promo Code: “TeenYearMagic” on every order on the day of the anniversary. To enhance the celebration further, we are giving out free desserts from selected restaurants.

Foodmandu’s 13th Year

Additionally, we are also offering 3 additional pieces of food items like momo in every order for a total of 13 pieces from selected restaurants. Alongside there are different surprise offers every day until the end of November

Despite its humble beginnings, Foodmandu started growing significantly. In 2016, it had already gone through its first round of fundraising, inviting numerous investors into the company. Foodmandu went on to close its second round of fundraising 4 years later in 2020.

The 3rd and biggest round of fundraising was closed recently, which collected a whopping 4 million USD for the company. Dolma Impact Fund, TNA, and Team Ventures have made strategic investments in Foodmandu, underscoring their confidence in the company’s growth and potential within the culinary market.

Initially, only 10% of customers ordered online, with the majority preferring phone calls. Now, 95% of orders are made through Foodmandu’s mobile app, which has reportedly more than 5,00,000 downloads.

This showcases the significant transformation in the industry since the company’s inception.

Additionally, a company that had only 10 restaurants on board initially, has partnered with 1400+ restaurants to date, and more than 250 dedicated riders in collaboration.

More than 4 lakh Nepali food lovers have enjoyed Foodmandu’s service. After eliminating a minimum order amount requirement, it has attracted even more customers into its favor, producing a bright path for the company’s future.


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