Ford Nepal Support

10th October 2021, Kathmandu

Ford Nepal to support your travel plan with roadside assistance nationwide for a hassle-free drive during the festive season.

  • FORD NEPAL announces ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for the customer’s convenience and hassle-free drive during this festive season
  • FORD Nepal’s national service network across Nepal will support any highway breakdown at the location with just a phone call away
  • FORD Nepal’s service team will camp at 2 different locations (Sindhuli and Kurintar) which cover two different major highway networks of travel and assist customer’s during this festive season
  • FORD Nepal keeps its “FEELS LIKE A FAMILY FOR A CHANGE’’ emotion intact with this campaign and support its prominent presence in the Nepalese Market

Ford Nepal (G.O Automobiles Pvt. Ltd)

today announces its ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE campaign to support its customer’s for a hassle-free drive during this festive season

With two major festivals coming up, DASHAIN is the time of maximum mobility in Nepal. People travel to their hometown, family places, visit friends and keep the celebration for a week and it’s one of the most delightful occasions with great significance in Nepalese culture.

In reference to the conversation with FORD NEPAL’s representative-During this festive season, it’s hard to find a breakdown service in local areas due to the closure of business operations and lack of manpower.

Here, FORD NEPAL plays its role to keep its service promise intact to the existing customers and others.

FORD NEPAL will camp in two prime locations, SINDHULI, and KURINTAR which covers two major routes of exits from Kathmandu valley and other prime locations in Nepal. In addition to this, our nationwide service network will remain active to support local causes in their region”.


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